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Valuing the Memories of Every Family

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Here at Saving Memories, I transfer videos to DVDs to help families all over the Bay Area in California preserve their memories. I also create slideshows for memorials and recognition.

My Business History 

Based on personal experience, I know how heartbreaking it is whenever people bring tapes with priceless memories that are disintegrating and too late to be restored. That’s when I thought to start providing a valuable and affordable business of restoring memories by transferring videos to DVDs. And I love what I do!

My Biography

A few years before I started my business, I received a package from my brother one Christmas Eve. The gift was two DVDs containing the footage of my entire childhood. The footage was a conversion from an old 8 MM film.

I immediately played the DVD and was mesmerized with tears in my eyes. There we were, my family and I, on our TV. I couldn’t describe my gratitude for that gift. It meant more to me than words could express!

I then realized that if this video made my day, maybe I can also make someone’s day by doing the same for them and transferring their videos from old tapes.

Young Debbie Ojeda

What Makes My Business Unique?

My business focuses on preserving family memories. At the same time, I extend my services to others at affordable prices so that every family history will be remembered and treasured.

My Mission

Technology can break down at any time and cost you or your family pictures or videos of all the memories. Old files have a lower chance of getting revived as well. My goal is to not let these instances affect the lives of families by assuring them that their memories are safe with me.

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